In Hungary, over one million hectares of solely state-owned forests are mainly managed by 22 state-owned forestries supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture. SEFAG Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt. (SEFAG Zrt.) is a member of the company group.

Our company is located in South-Western Hungary, south of Lake Balaton, in Somogy County, managing 80,000 hectares of state owned forest area. (

A considerable portion of the wood produced in our forests is processed by our own sawmill in Csurgó. Our wood products include trimmed lumber, boards, tongued and grooved flooring, lamina parquet, industrial flooring, top layer lamella production of multi-layered wood flooring. (

As the major wildlife management company in Hungary, one of our basic activities involves big game management, with special focus on red deer.

SEFAG Zrt. performs hunting and wildlife management activities in a 103,000 hectare hunting area. All species of big game (red deer, fallow deer, wild boars, deer, moufflon) can be found there and be hunted in our eight separate areas. The quality of the stock managed by our Company is characterised by six hunting areas out of the eight having been qualified as special purpose areas, with extremely high genetic values. The quality of the red deer stock is extremely high. Of our hunting regions, the Lábod area comprising about 48,200 hectares, famous for being the largest uninterrupted hunting area of Hungary, is an outstanding venue. The area in the Southern Somogy region, reaching down to the Dráva River has world famous red deer stocks, and unique fallow deer stocks. The lowland area frequently crossed by waters, fish ponds, agricultural and forest areas may be called legendary with due reason. The quantity and quality of wild game to be found here is unique even in international terms. (

The eight hunting areas with a hotel, 8 hunting lodges, 2 hunting cabins and 8 game parks offer hunting facilities that fulfil even the highest hunting requirements for individual hunters, and for smaller or bigger groups, or for those only seeking relaxation.

The accommodations offered by SEFAG Zrt. are also suitable for organising company and family events, receptions, conferences for a smaller or larger number of people. Depending on the given place of accommodation, the relaxation of our guests are also ensured by different facilities, community rooms (conference room, meeting room, restaurant, dining-room, rooms for playing pool or cards, sauna, massage). The lovers of gastronomy may taste the specialties of both local and international cuisines, and delights made from local ingredients, as well as the delights of game meals gastronomy offered by the hotels’ kitchens.

We offer sights and programmes for both cultural and eco-active tourists, as well as for school classes, providing excellent opportunities for a few hours or even several days of excursions.

Park forests, arboretums, nature trails, sports fields, forest rest areas, designated hiking and cycling trails attract tourists around the area of the accommodations offered. A little more than 30 kilometers from Lake Balaton, the Meszetgnyő forest railway running along a 9 km track, follows the winding route between forests and lakes, and its open wagons allow for a beautiful view of the landscape.

For longer school excursions we recommend the offer by the Sziágy Forestry Forest School, just over 30 kilometers to the Croatian border. In the heart of Kaposvár, we created the Home of Forests Visitor Centre, whose main aim is to present the values of the Somogy forests. In our exhibition rooms and in the interactive room, we are awaiting our visitors with interactive game items, information boards and experience rooms. (

The Zselic Park of Stars complex located in the Zseilc forest is of unique value worldwide, also featuring a multi-functional observatory – including a planetarium, an interactive room, an exhibition space, a telescope dome, and a 25m high lookout tower, from where even Croatia is visible in clear weather. Visitors may learn about the wonders of the sky during daytime nature tours and stars watch night tours, family and school programmes. (

The Hotel Kardosfa*** Eco-Touristic and Conference Centre, operated by our Company, is located at a distance of 1 km from the facility, about 20 km from Kaposvár, where excellent meals and hotel standard accommodation are provided to our visitors. The 23 rooms of the 3-star hotel offer accommodation to 48 persons in total. The conference room of the hotel seating 60 persons is a venue for further training sessions, conferences, receptions, professional, corporate and family events. It also has a hunting room in a separate building, to host 15 persons. (